“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The world is changing every second of everyday. You are finding more people looking down at their devices than looking ahead. The world is a beautiful place and it is being replace at the palm of our hands.

I challenge you to take a moment. Tomorrow is not promise so live for today. I decided to help others to start a new beginning.


The picture above is in Lake Isabella, CA at 6:00 am in August 2016. We were a group of workers helping families with environmental debris removal from the devastating fire. So they may have a new beginning, a new start. Not all life beginnings are created equal. But, it is better to help and be helpful than to be hopeless.

“It is better to be remember through your integrity than your ego and pride.” ~ Be FIY

Find a purpose to be helpful. Everyone’s time has value. Be a kind human.

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