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Reflexology has an enrich history beginning in Ancient Egypt and China around the same time 4000 BC. There are various depiction of reflexology being used in pictograph artifact carvings in Ancient Egypt of hands and feet. The reflex technique is to assist and help the body come to its equilibrium state of well being. Reflexology is a systematic usage, sweeping of whole hand moments and finger tips to relieve and soothe tension of the hands and feet. It has a therapeutic, physical and natural response to:

  1. Increase circulation.
  2. Decrease body tension.
  3. Boost Relaxation.
  4. Reliefs and restore body function to its equilibrium.

The reflex points on the feet and hands links to every point of the body. Please note that reflexology is not a massage. If the term “reflexology massage” is used, make sure the professional also certified massage therapist. Reflexology is not currently regulated. However, there are voluntary certifications of reflexology such as the Reflexology Certification Board and the American Reflexology Certification Board to validate skills and comprehension.

If you are interested in reflexology services, host a wellness event at home or work, feel free to contact me and make an appointment.

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