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Welcome to “The Ultimate Health Event” I would be thrilled if you would join us in the journey to creating healthier lifestyles. The event will consist of 3 days of pre posts leading up to our LIVE Thursday event with Dr. Howard Cohn,founder and president of the Cohn Health Institute and creator of our feature product , Seacret’s 7.2 nutrition.

Pre posts will run at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm MST, each post has a question attached, answer the question in the comments section for your chance to win free 7.2 products. Please make sure you have read the posts and commented before Friday @ 12pm MST, this is when commenting will be shut off.

Tune in Thursday (August 16) at 7pm MST for the LIVE event with Dr.Cohn! Immediately following our live portion we will release details on how you can become eligible to win our grand prize draw of a “Health Made Simple” package valued at over $200!

All prize draws will be drawn on Monday August 20th at 12pm MST

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