Conquering Your Negative Thoughts


“Let’s go…

To a never ending place

Where you make your rules

Let’s ride…

On my motorcycle

Into the morning sun

Round and around the world to Hawaii where

We can go scuba diving

Where the off beat fish pass by

Let’s go to Honolulu

Where divine men FLEX their muscular bodies and Ladies Dance the Night Away.

However the picture can’t come true. ” ~  1999 Oakland High School Student

woman wearing white sleeveless lace shirt

Why are some people so negative to ones’ dreams? Why is it so impossible to come true?

For someone to….

  1. Travel
  2. Lose weight
  3. Become Healthy
  4. Accomplish Personal Development
  5. Increase their Well-Being

People become unwilling to share their story becoming emotionally detach reluctant to be Vulnerable. That’s what happen to me.


That word…Vulnerable. A word people say and fear to feel. An experience you loathe and can’t forget. Avoiding it burns you up. Acknowledging it tends to sting. It’s a battle that will shaped your personality. My health journey began with self care. I had to reevaluate my health, skin, hair, body and mindset.

When I got on the scale; I literally got off the scale when it went got over 195 lbs. I started a nutrition plan and varies types of conventional and unconventional exercising.  It was about time for me to stop lifting my belly to buckle my pants and got serious.

I did Four simple things …..

1. Check in Daily
2. Drink more water
3. Do some exercise – get moving
4. Replace one meal a day – eat healthier with a meal replacement!

Making the decision…the Pivotal Point to Conquer Negativity… I was able to lose over 25 lbs and feel amazing. I’ve traveled to several States. I’ve been to multiple conferences and so much more.

Conquer your Negative Thoughts and Live the Wellness Lifestyle You WANT!

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