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We are introducing Alkaline Health as a lifestyle change with SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program. It is simple, easy, cost-effective and great tasting. When taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity, it helps you achieve your weight management goals. When completed, we recommend then going to next our continuous program Health Made Simple. However, some people continue with the weight loss program until he or she reaches their idea weight before going to the health made simple program.

Weight loss made simple:

Health Made Simple: https://www.seacretdirect.com/befiy/en/us/item/2047/Health-Made-Simple-Health-Made-Simple-Vanilla-SD601121-00/

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Author: Be FIY

Regina’s grass roots approach to health and wellness is humbling and holistically sound.  Owner and Founder of Be FIY (Be Fabulous. Be Inspired. Be You); Your Health Matters. No Time like the Present. Start Today to Shape Tomorrow. Ms Shumate serves as a Professional Health Practitioner, a Problem Solver; Finding solutions to your wholistic health and wellness by helping you incorporate Healthier choices; Better Options with Awesome Results; Develop your Work and Home Relationship to achieve your  ultimate health and well being.

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