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“Yesterday I was talking with a friend who asked my opinion about something he was dealing with. As I shared my thoughts I realized that what I was saying was something that I, also, needed to hear! His situation and mine were different, but the solution was similar. I was surprised and pleased to listen to myself and pay attention to what I had to say.

I realized that there are many times when I don’t pay attention to what I know. I get so caught up in consciously thinking about and solving things that I don’t allow my inner wisdom to be heard.

We all have this inner wisdom. It’s our subconscious mind, which is often a quiet voice inside our head that seems to know a lot of things our conscious mind doesn’t usually access. The inner wisdom is easy to ignore because the volume of words from our conscious mind gets in the way.

I realized that in order to access my subconscious mind, I need to stop, be externally and internally quiet, and listen to that soft voice inside my head. In today’s busy, loud world this isn’t easy to do. I have to focus on it.

So this month I’m reflecting on the importance of paying attention to what is in my head, and also what comes out of my mouth. It just might be the wisdom I need to hear.

How about you?” Sandy Abell

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