Outcome of Losing WFH Weight


Gyms and fitness centers are close in efforts to fight COVID-19 with physical and social distancing. With this, most of us have gain weight. Home workouts have become the new norm.

Looking for a fun but challenging fitness group; I signed up for NEM Fit 30 Day Carb Cycling Challenge (Natalie Eve and Jonathan Coyle) from April 20, 2020 to May 20, 2020.

In the close group,, I posted “Dear Day 1, 2…etc” because

❤I wanted to be committed to this challenge.

❤To be accountable for my actions.

❤ changing mindset

Before, rice has always been my “filler” food (lack of a better word). In there carb cycling ebook, they have examples on what foods to eat for high and low carb.

Love 🍚 Rice

It was challenging calculating maros. Natalie and Jonathan was able to explain it. They provide an excel template and recommended fitness app MyZone. However, it was okay to use other fitness apps. They wanted you to be comfortable what you were using in the challenge.

“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.” ~ Anonymous

I needed a dumb down version (🤪lack of a better word 😆 LOL) on how to calculate macronutrients (not micronutrients…lol lesson learned) Go read the article from Healthline.com article What is the difference between Micronutrients vs Macronutrients?

Since I have a Samsung phone and its free…(😁) I used the Samsung Health app. It visualize it for me. Plus you can customize entrees and food products in it as well.

Example of Samsung Health App

Then I decided to updated my scale to a smart scale sync with Samsung App weight. The scale is called Fitindex. It is able to measure your BMI, Weight and Body Fat.

Fitindex App

I chose 4 low carb days (LCD) and 3 high carb days (HCD). I must say, I’ve learned in the first week ….that I love carbs more than chocolate. 🤪🤣🤪

Clips of my Dear Day Post in the Group.

Even with my one day set back… (lol) everyone 🤣 everyone was supportive.

Vitural Fun Time with Friends…🤪😁🤣🤩 #nojudging lol

This challenge was a awesome. The people in the group was so helpful and supportive. Natalie and Jonathan FB lives answering questions in the group. Just an overall great experience.

I did not lose much weight. However, I lost inches especially around my stomach.

❤Lost 4.8 lbs

😁Lost 0.5 inches around my waist

🤪Lost 3 inches waist size around my navel

😍Lost 0.5 inches around my neck.

I am glad that I took this challenge. I’m back on track. I’ve lost my WFH weight. Now, onto working off my post weight to get to my pre weight of college.

Out of this challenge, I signed up to be an Yoga Instructor; Elevating my knowledge of Blending science, health and style. Stay Tuned.

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