There is incomparable beauty to be found in a tranquil place. Silence is therapeutic because it allows you to listen to your internal thoughts and be true to yourself. Spending time in solitude encourages me to accept myself as I am. It allows me to ponder what I stand for and recommit to it regularly.

For example, when I focus on living according to my own ideals, I am building my inner strength and confidence. There are many external influences, so be careful of what your listen and observe by paying attention. It is important to me to stick to your value system.

I smile with contentment when I reaffirm the things that I believe in. I am strengthened in my conviction and am able to stand up for what sits well with my soul. It is difficult to hear myself amidst the noise, so I move to a quite area whenever I am in search of answers.

Silence also contributes to a relaxed body and mind. I am able to confidently work through challenges when I am at ease.

My quiet time rejuvenates me. A fresh mind makes room for fresh ideas and endless possibilities. I build meditation into each day in the same way I make time for food and exercise.

Today, the silence around me has a different meaning. Before, I rely on it to renew my mind. Pulling away from the noise of the world around me; part of my well-being. It would give me the perspective to approach life with clarity.

Coming out of silence, makes me realize the importance of having a sound mind to have a conversation, to agree to disagree; to listen to a new aspect on life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I build silence into my normal daily activities?
  2. When is noise influential?
  3. What other forms of therapy do I regularly expose myself to?
“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” Plato
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