It’s No Joke, Laughter is Awesome


You go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath! Laughter has enormous amounts of health benefits ranging lowering stress and everything in between! In this modern world that we live in, full of remedies and breakthroughs. Who would ever dream that something as simple as laughter could induce such amazing benefits to your health and rival highly scientific compounds found in drugs of today? The idea that laughter may have some serious benefits to our health may have been what spurned on many scientific research projects pertaining to the benefits of laughter on our bodies.

Over the years, countless experiments have concluded with scientific data that laughter has one of the most astounding benefits for your health. We have heard about the positive impact animals and clowns have had on nursing home and ill patients. Scientists have taken that idea a step further.  A study done in Japan at the Foundation for Advancement of International Science, Bio-Laboratory, found that laughter helps regulate gene expression to help control type II Diabetes. Laughter as a homeopathic effect on even the gene expression on our DNA that perhaps if we were a happier sort the gene that causes type II Diabetes may possibly never be expressed.

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Perhaps the biggest discovery, published by S. Karger AG, Basel, is that laughter is now being proven to alleviate some of the lasting effects of heart attacks such as less medication and fewer repeat attacks with humor therapy of just thirty minutes per day. Life can sometimes be serious and tiring, but if you look around and can draw some laughter out of what may seem mundane you could possibly be helping your health. Learn a new joke and tell it to everyone you know no matter if you are a good joke teller or not! Join a Laughter Yoga class  Go ahead, laugh! Your health can truly depend on it!



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4 thoughts on “It’s No Joke, Laughter is Awesome”

  1. “You go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath!”


    ugh trouble should not win!

  2. I am so glad I came across this post!. I always feel like I am unprofessional and childish amongst colleagues and some friends! I always insist on “putting my brain away” just to laugh and enjoy the moment.

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