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Things to Consider When Setting Up a Home Gym

How hard can it be?

Setting up a home gym doesn’t need to be hard, but you do need to be smart about it.

The most effective equipment for the best possible price may seem straight forward enough, but here a few things to consider:

  • Weight – Freestanding units are extremely heavy. Be sure to check your floor type can bear the extra weight
  • Height – Some pulley systems are quite high, so if you are using a room in your home, check for clearance
  • Width – check how wide range of movement will be (i.e. body, feet and hands)
  • Flooring – a cement slab in a garage is good. But make sure if you drop a weight it isn’t going to go through your apartment or upstairs floor.
  • Safety – Be sure equipment is storage and cleaned appropriately.
  • Correct assembly – Equipment may require assembly.  Make sure your following the manufacturer directions.

I hope this blog help you be better prepared to set your home gym.

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Author: Be FIY

Regina’s grass roots approach to health and wellness is humbling and holistically sound.  Owner and Founder of Be FIY (Be Fabulous. Be Inspired. Be You); Your Health Matters. No Time like the Present. Start Today to Shape Tomorrow. Ms Shumate serves as a Professional Health Practitioner, a Problem Solver; Finding solutions to your wholistic health and wellness by helping you incorporate Healthier choices; Better Options with Awesome Results; Develop your Work and Home Relationship to achieve your  ultimate health and well being.

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