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Start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable, relaxing position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths: breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Notice how the air feels cool coming in and warmer passing out. Continue to focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes. If your attention wanders, just calmly bring your
focus back to your breathing.

Imagine that you have the body you desire.

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You are a perfect example of health and vitality. Visualize looking at yourself in the mirror and admiring how well your clothes fit your body. Notice the healthy glow of your skin. See how toned and strong your muscles are.

As you admire your appearance, you can’t help but smile and feel proud at what you’ve accomplished through your healthy habits.

“Paradise Found” ~ Anonymous

As you walk in through the doors, you’re pleased that there are very few people in the store. “This shouldn’t take long at all,” you think.

You feel strong and confident just knowing that you’re going to make healthy food selections – positive choices that will fully support the healthy body that you saw in the

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As you walk through the store, you quickly fill up your cart with nutritious, health-promoting foods that you are particularly fond of.

You feel so strong and proud knowing that you’re making the best choices for you and your family. It feels so good to be in control.

Now relax even deeper.

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Imagine yourself performing an exercise routine that would support the body you saw in the mirror. See yourself playfully getting the exercise you need. Feel the deep
breaths fill your lungs as you work your body. It feels so good to take charge of your health and to be at your best.

Your thoughts drift to how you’ve been eating nutritiously and exercising regularly for weeks now.

The time has really flown by. You’re surprised at how easy and enjoyable it has been, even from the very beginning. You know that you’ll be able to keep it up throughout your
lifetime and can expect to live a long and healthy life.

You also realize that you’ve been very relaxed lately. No matter what the stressor, you’re able to handle all challenges calmly, confidently, and with a smile on your
face. Each night, you now sleep like a baby.

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Calm – cool – confident – relaxed: this is your new way of facing the world!

You remember how your friends and family have even commented on how great you look and how wonderful your mood has been.

Enjoy the moment as long as you like.

Now slowly bring your awareness back to your physical body. Take a deep breath and slowly become aware of the present moment.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to full wakefulness – feeling calm, cool, confident, and relaxed – knowing that, this day, you’ll make positive, healthy choices.

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