Basil – Herb Benefits

Basil – Herb Benefits

Originally, basil was not the most popular herb in the bunch. The name basil means “be fragrant” but still various cultures battled with a love hate relationship over basil. One place that took a special liking to basil was Italy and to this day not many people prepare a classic pasta sauce without the basil.

Basil is related to the Mint family Most people associate anything mint with aiding the digestive system. Herbalists use basil body discomforts and anxiety. Basil can be used in a hot tea and can contribute good night sleep.

Another interesting fact about Basil is that it was considered a royal herb with a strong association pertaining to love. Basil had a relationship with how men of a much earlier time planned on proposing to their fair maidens. The man would bring a branch of Basil and if the woman accepted his gift she silently agreed to love him and be faithful to him for eternity.

To this day basil and tomato sauce have formed somewhat of a marriage almost globally. Basil is very easy to grow as long as the temperature does not fall below 50 degrees and is in full sunshine. It is popularly used both in the fresh form and dried. A rare known fact about basil is that the longer it simmers in a dish the more the flavor intensifies. This makes sense as to why people simmer their pasta sauces for so long, to bring out all of the rich herb flavors. Normally, pasta sauces basil is used in combination with oregano. However, basil is not just used for pasta or tomato sauce, it is also used for flavoring fish, vegetables, meats, and soups.

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If you decide to grow an herb garden, basil plants help keep flies away. Basil is still one of the most common household herbs used today and in most areas of culinary art. When used in its freshest form, Basil is torn from the plant and then just minced up with a knife. Usually somewhere nearby, you will find some olive oil, garlic, and someone getting ready to prepare a fantastic tomato sauce. If you are not a fan of the taste, you can also purchase Basil capsules as well if you do not care for the taste of the tea.

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