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About Be FIY

The Company

Be FIY (Be Fabulous. Be Inspired. Be You.) is a Nerd Out Wellness Company Blending Science, Health and Style to your everyday living. A dork at heart with a humorous spirit, we are the curiously found people whom love to research ingredients and quality to maintain a healthy lifestyle sharing highly cool and sophisticated products and services. With our grassroots’ and holistic health coaching approach, we want to share with you how to be Healthier YOU!

Gentle Yoga and Meditation Services

Breathe, Relax, and Release! Yoga and Meditation is a way to start a self care. The goal of yoga and mediation is to create a harmony between the mind, body, and the spirit that will help you to reduce stress and being in tuned with yourself. We use yoga as a tool to help clients identify how stress shows up in their body and what best poses to relieve their stress. We use mediation to help clients increase their calmness, clarity and promote happiness.

Coaching Services

Do you have thoughts of changing your habits, nutrition or wellbeing?   We can help you define and implement harmony in your work-life; finding your happy place with self care, accountability and joy through implement coaching strategies; so you may have an effective and impactful personal and professional relationships with family, friends, colleagues and healthy boundaries.  


Healing Clouds

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.” Maya Angelou 

Be FIY joined with Healing Clouds (HealingClouds), an affordable online platform helping to make mental wellbeing accessible to everyone.

S/H.E. Review

S/H.E. (Safety/ Health and Environmental) Review began when the world shutdown in March of 2020. Our team is of unique people whom has decided to help people various food allergies, lack of sleep, discomfort, no energy and lack of motivation.  As people were working from home or unemployed, it was difficult for Be FIY to assist in wellness, assessments, inspections, products and accessories; group setting such as classroom and workshops. We began reviewing and recommending various products and accessories such as ergonomic equipment to various foods and supplies to safety of products and accessories. The goal of the S/H.E. Review is to recommend and help you identify, asset and maintain ways of a safe work-life environment.


About Regina


Regina Shumate is an creative, energetic and versatile problem-solver. Her love for culture, health and safety followed in understanding the importance of work life balance in  occupational health and wellness. 

Regina’s journey began by earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science – Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety at California State University, Fresno and later a Master of Science in Homeland Security and Safety Engineering with focus in safety of home and workplace environments at National University.

As Regina continued her education & received a Holistic Health certification through the Association of Drugless Practitioners, Yoga Teacher through a certified Yoga Alliance education institute, Reflexology and member of the Society of Occupational Health Psychology (SOHP). 

For the past 15 years, Regina has dedicated herself in understanding the practical aspects of people environments and in the process creating healthy work life balance. In addition, Regina explored the safety of products used and how it is produced. Being a curious scientist she is, Regina understands the health and safety precautions and standards from cosmetics to food products. 

It gives Regina an unique, enrich knowledge with her grassroots’ approach; to share how to research, ingredients and lover of quality products. Regina as your Holistic Health Coach, she will 

  1. Setting visionary goals,
  2. Creating solutions to your health and wellness,
  3. Sharing how to have a healthy work life balance.

Custom Packages are available.

Email us at BeFIYAppt@gmail.com for more details.

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