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Category: Health and Wellness

PURE Purifying Hair & Scalp Shampoo

Who uses hairspray, hair serum, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo or hair styling products in general? Who has dry scalp? Who has thinning hair? If you answered ME to any of […]

Vitamins That Help With Hair Growth

Loss of hair, or baldness, is the result of not having enough vitamin B supplements. Vitamin B is very important, as it contains B3 niacin, which is very important for […]

What Makes Us Well?

Wellness refers to the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits. Nutrition refers to the nurturing of our body, in our […]

Be Yourself

Life. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?  Freeing yourself to become the fabulous you. Sometimes we let people dictate our moods, in which, it is an reflection on what we wear […]


A word people say and fear to feel. An experience you loathe and can’t forget. Avoiding it burns you up. Acknowledging it tends to sting. It’s a battle that will […]

Be Careful of the Sweet Sugar(s)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Stores are already stocked bears, cards and CANDY! All different kinds of candy’s and desserts. What makes the various sweets is taste good is […]

Midnight Cravings

The end of the month is a day away. How are you controlling your cravings? We were remembering when we were in college; when money was tight- Jack in the […]

How to Get Rid of a Bloated Belly

When you’re bloated, it’s important to focus on foods that are easy to digest as well as hydrating. And foods that aren’t too heavy. Because I’m going to guess you […]

10 Proven-Effective Tips

DAY 2 of the New Year! 10 proven-effective tips to jumpstart and continue your weight loss. Don’t turn to fad diets!… they’ll only leave you feeling deprived and wanting to […]


We are introducing Alkaline Health as a lifestyle change with SevenPoint2 Weight Loss Made Simple program. It is simple, easy, cost-effective and great tasting. When taken in conjunction with a healthy diet […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

“Historically, apple cider vinegar has been used for a variety of different purposes, such as helping to detoxify the liver, purifying blood, cleansing the lymph nodes and boosting immunity. In ancient […]

Think Before You Eat

Most people enjoy a good juicy burger with fries and some type of beverage. However, over indulging may have some consequences. According to The Insider, the average cost of  a […]

Natural Ways to…

Below are some information to reduce and improve on some common health problems we face today. 1. Ways to natural reduce high blood pressure. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood […]

Top 6 Nutrition Products

Be FIY is a Nerd Out Wellness Company Blending Science, Health and Style to your everyday living. We are the curiously found people whom love to research ingredients and quality […]


You were pleased with my results so far! THE ULTIMATE HEALTH EVENT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1757746027675708/ Welcome to “The Ultimate Health Event” I would be thrilled if you would join us in […]