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Category: Health and Wellness


You were pleased with my results so far! THE ULTIMATE HEALTH EVENT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1757746027675708/ Welcome to “The Ultimate Health Event” I would be thrilled if you would join us in […]

Be Active

I was in Phoenix, AZ visiting friends. Oddly enough, I like to be active on my trips. One of the exercise activities I love doing is hiking. I went hiking at […]

Essential Oils

Before modern medicine, essential oils were and are used today to relieve and soothe until the body reaches it equilibrium status. Each person is different. Essential oils can be used […]

Wellness in Reflexology

  Reflexology has an enrich history beginning in Ancient Egypt and China around the same time 4000 BC. There are various depiction of reflexology being used in pictograph artifact carvings […]


Hello everyone. Be FIY is a wholistic health company that promotes your wellness and help address your health concerns. I take under consideration You; the Whole person: mental, physical and […]


Are you looking to find better solutions to your well being? Career? School? Difficult Decision(s) Home? Other? We can help. Schedule your appointment TODAY! Below is a great article by […]

Wellness Facts

    1. Did You Know? “Organic sales account for over 4 percent of total U.S. food sales, according to recent industry statistics. Organic food is sold to consumers through […]

Know Your Labels

  Below is a good article about the difference between natural and organic products. It may help you understand the labels. For example there are 2 labels of USDA Organic […]