This is her journey...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Ms. Regina Shumate's grass roots approach to health and wellness is humbling and holistically sound. Born and raised in the Bay Area; Her love for culture, health and safety followed Ms. Shumate to Fresno, CA where she earned her undergraduate degree in Health Science – Environmental/ Occupational Health and Safety.

With over 10 years of experience, she grew an in depth knowledge and education in chemistry, analytical analysis, standard operating procedures, quality control and assurance in food safety, laboratory and environmental health industries.

Ms. Shumate later completed her Master of Science in Safety integrating tools, techniques, organizational systems and decision making process for safety and security plans.

Understanding food safety and quality systems, Ms. Shumate wanted to get more involved in occupational wellness, nutrition and healthier ingredients processes and procedures due to her mother’s illness. Ms. Shumate received certifications in Reflexology, Essential Oils and Makeup Artistry. She later received an Associate of Arts in Holistic Nutrition certified through the American Association for Drugless Practitioners (AADP) as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Ms Shumate serves as a Professional Health and Wellness Enthusiast; A Practitioner and Problem Solver; Understand-er of food, ingredients & quality systems. Ms. Shumate has a vivid balance between science and wellness being the Owner and Founder of Be FIY (Be Fabulous. Be Inspired. Be You). It was created to find solutions to your health and wellness needs by helping you incorporate Healthier choices with better Options with defined results.
Chapter 2: The Journey
Vulnerability. A word people say and fear to feel. An experience you loathe and can't forget. Avoiding it burns you up. Acknowledging it tends to sting. It's a battle that will shaped your personality. My health journey began with self care. I had to reevaluate my health, skin, hair, body and mindset. I decided to exercise and network with amazing Personal Trainers, Nutritionist, Health Educators and Licensed Health Care Professionals whom grown in their practice.

When I got on the scale; I literally got off the scale when it went got over 195 lbs! I started Nutrition plan and varies types of conventional and unconventional exercising. Besides the doctor saying I needed to lose weight. It was about time for me to stop lifting my belly to buckle my pants! I got serious. I lost over 25 lbs and I feel amazing.
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